Saturday, May 21, 2011

L'Amour - Octavia Cupcakes

Looking for ... in all the wrong places...
But I think we found it here- at least in the fun factor.
Natalia, Nana Hitomi, Laura Ward, Cassie Roberts- we come in in that order if you wonder who is who. We are actually quadruplets...

Merci mes amies-Super duper big ass thanks to Ella Condon for shooting the videos and taking photos, and to our fabulous Sari for helping to do everything- run show- get us organized, costuming...

Sweet Child O Mine! - Octavia Cupcakes

Fresh for Bar On A Show. Cassie Roberts (who I met while teaching a Bartenieff Fundamentals for LIMs- one of our latest additions) and Nana Hitomi.
This can also be a double duet- in a real sized space. Thank you Cassie for rocking the leg guitar- one of my all time favorite instruments!

Sympathy for Old Scratch- Pleased to Meet YOU!!!- Octavia Cupcakes!

This is one of the dances Jessica Martineau and I made for Barbados in 2010, we did it there again in 2011 and this performance is from NYC at Bar ON A (Thanks Anne and Dee Dee)
This is Natalia and I.
This is a blast to dance.