Thursday, November 17, 2011

Columbia Ballet Collaborative Show this weekend

Just had tech/dress with Columbia Ballet Collaborative. Kokyat was there too, shooting, shooting, shooting! I went a little early so I would have some idea of the space and lighting possibilities. I watched a few of the other choreographer's techs. After seeing their pieces I had some doubts about my own work, thankfully my doubts eased up when I saw my piece with lights. Production values are so important!
It was challenging putting this piece together with only one 2 hour rehearsal per week and sometimes missing dancers. I had planned to do three movements. There are two. Not enough time to get it all done... alas. Well, we have 8 minutes. I am using music that Michel Ayello made; She Said Wait and Okla-Home the first is a song Michel made while watching me dance in Ella Condon's L'Empreinte video ( He used a poem I had written while listening to his Lawson ( ) album for the first time. Okla-Home is on Michel's album Dust Bowls it is the first movement.
I have enjoyed working with the CBC dancers. Thank you Jen Barrer-Gall! (She danced with Octavia Cup in the Dreaming this year at the FringeNYC and we await her return)

Here is the link to the show this weekend!

L & M video- Sept 2011

This is in the window of the big studio in Gina Gibney Dance center.
Michel wasn't so interested in filming me dancing on the floor. It was super hot and the window ledge was tiny, about 5 inches wide. I was holding on so I wouldn't fall. Michel was laying on the floor shooting up. That is why the perspective is so odd, avatar-like.
Video/Music-Michel Ayello, Dance- Laura Ward