Friday, September 5, 2008

Creative life – killer music – and a performance

Amazing things are happening as life is stirring and shifting. I met Frank Heer and Fa last night at Lucy’s in the East Village. First of all Lucy is the Queen of the East Vill. Her hair is Queen of the East village and her presence is phenomenal. Truly- wonderful.
Back to Frank and Fa…
Frank wrote the book Bingo Palace (Swiss version not the one people know here) which was the inspiration for Whistle Me Higher by Bingo Palace- the soundtrack for the book. Fa and Frank are Bingo Palace. That was the inspiration for Whistle Me Higher: Imaginary Dances From Bingo Palace – the show I made with Octavia Cup.
We met up right after rehearsal for Between the Channels- a new piece we are performing at the 92nd St Y this Sunday the 7th at 6pm. We are part of New Choreographers on Point Previews show. We have had the fortune of doing this shows several years in a row. We often get other gigs through this. YAY! The music for this show is another Fuckintosh (Fa) mashup of Eric Satie vs. Richard Wagner- it is fantastic- especially for the musos out there. LOVE IT!
Also super exciting is the 2nd Bingo Palace that I recently got from Fa- we had just gone to see the 800 year of Minimalism at Damroshe Park – got totally soaked but had a great time! Gottshing was awesome – as was Beata Viscera who performed PĂ©rotin’s work. YUMMY. On the way home we listened to Monumental Thrill and I got the scoop straight from the seahorses mouth!
Equally excellent was getting new Mercury Rev from Jonathan this week. My ears are smiling.

On another note I am getting involved with LIMS (Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies) again- the sweetest love of my life. I taught an Intro to LMA a few weeks ago and I will be teaching in their upcoming Bartenieff Certification program. Check it out! This ROCKS! No joke- the most expansive movement vocabulary and a kicking philosophy to go with it.

Great things- loads of people from the past are popping up in my life and it is 90% bananas! Sorry about the bananas Georgina.

Off to England on Tuesday- Yorkshire Downs.