Saturday, March 27, 2010

Echoes and Dreams, May 20-23, 2010

Laura Ward and Octavia Cup brings ECHOES AND DREAMS to the Queens Fringe Festival. An exploration of movement reflecting verse and music where dance leads itself through visceral reflections of frigid abandonment and a labyrinth of pictures emerges through words and patterns. The company known for stretching the boundaries of traditional dance performance teams up with poet Alberto Zayden (whose poetry the New York Times calls "Visionary") to bring a spectacle of free flowing expressionism to the stage. Original music from French composer Michel Ayello and Swiss-Italian Fa Ventilato add to the mix with loops, samples and curls fusing new sounds with echos from the past. Sets and design by installation artist extraordinaire, Judy Thomas.
Performers include Georgina Aragon, Kristen Goldrick, Nana Hitomi, Jessica Martineau, Katie Moorhead, Jaime Thompson, Laura Ward, Natalia Wodnicka, Alberto Zayden

The Secret Theatre- Long Island City
Thursday May 20th at 8pm
Friday May 21st at 8pm
Saturday May 22nd at 8pm
Sunday May 23rd at 2pm