Thursday, November 17, 2011

Columbia Ballet Collaborative Show this weekend

Just had tech/dress with Columbia Ballet Collaborative. Kokyat was there too, shooting, shooting, shooting! I went a little early so I would have some idea of the space and lighting possibilities. I watched a few of the other choreographer's techs. After seeing their pieces I had some doubts about my own work, thankfully my doubts eased up when I saw my piece with lights. Production values are so important!
It was challenging putting this piece together with only one 2 hour rehearsal per week and sometimes missing dancers. I had planned to do three movements. There are two. Not enough time to get it all done... alas. Well, we have 8 minutes. I am using music that Michel Ayello made; She Said Wait and Okla-Home the first is a song Michel made while watching me dance in Ella Condon's L'Empreinte video ( He used a poem I had written while listening to his Lawson ( ) album for the first time. Okla-Home is on Michel's album Dust Bowls it is the first movement.
I have enjoyed working with the CBC dancers. Thank you Jen Barrer-Gall! (She danced with Octavia Cup in the Dreaming this year at the FringeNYC and we await her return)

Here is the link to the show this weekend!