Sunday, September 22, 2019

Crystalline Luck

                                                                                               Photo Mónica Lou

If you are incredibly fucking lucky there will come a time in your life when all the disparate events, studies, passions, and fascinations will miraculously line up like the moonlight on Stonehenge at solstice and make perfect sense of the great tangled web of experience that points to your purpose on Earth. All of the seemingly disconnected tangents, roadways, and rollercoasters somehow come together and suddenly it becomes clear who you are and why you were drawn to each strange person, place, idea, and situation that makes up the bedazzled fabric of your particular existence.

It is as if the veil of confuddled uncertainty and bumbled striving has been hydroblasted into total clarity. And then, all too soon, this clarity crumbles away and leaves you feeling dazed and bewildered, yet ever so slightly lighter within.



Amy Burke, D.C. said...

Love it, Laura. You have a collection of amazing characters in your web of consciousness and coherence. I love these moments and when in those moments of wonder, create a mind map of how every piece came to be. You are a favorite piece for me, always. <3 <3

Meredith Gordon said...
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Meredith Gordon said...

Your post on Crystalline Luck from September 22, 2019, is excellent.

You’re writing beautifully summed up an experience that I believe I am beginning to have right now. The point in which your purpose in life becomes much more clear. Or as you write. “The tangled web of experience that points to your purpose on Earth.”

Thank you
Meredith Gordon